Dream Lab super filtration system 

Dream Lab super filtration system is for protecting operator, provide three level filter protection. The experimental process and the manufacturing process are considered many factors, including minimizing the Noise level brought in drag to achieve the filtering effect at the same time, the annual replacement supplies convenience. All filters both HEPA efficient particle filtering, ULPA ultra efficient particle filter, activated carbon filter carbon, pre the pre filter system with the highest technology manufacturing industry, and each filter in the factory inspection, to ensure the safety of the experiment.

Flame retardant electrostatic pre filtering technology (optional) 

Different from ordinary dream lab pre filtering technology, the high technology Jun Lebo paper box electrostatic pre filtering technology, as the first line of defense in pre filtering, increase filtration area at the same time, the connotation of electrostatic wire, can prevent the adsorption in the large surface area of the particle filter floating in the air

HEPA filter

High efficiency particulate air filter, use English high-efficiency particulate air. HEPA compliant filter is very wide, the car from medical equipment, aircraft, and Home Furnishing can be used. The filter criteria set by the U. S. Department of energy, the particle size of 0.3 m, the filtering effect is about DOP more than 99.97%. The interception efficiency is usually efficient filter use can be up to 99.99%

(1) The first is the blocking mechanism to play a role of large particles.             

(2) The second mechanisms for the influence of gravity, small volume and high density of particles, after HEPA filter when the movement speed will be reduced, the natural sedimentation to the HEPA, this process is somewhat similar to the water sediment in river sedimentation.             

(3) Third kinds of mechanism of HEPA filter, HEPA filter. The airstream weaving is not uniform, the formation of air vortex large, ultra small particles affected by the cyclone adsorption in HEPA filter net, realize the purpose of filtering.              

(4) Fourth ultrafine particles in the filtration mechanism for the Brown movement under the action of impact to the HEPA filter fiber by van Edward forces, filtered.            

 The advantage of HEPA technology is mature, due to the use of physical filtration, will not form two times pollution. The disadvantage is that HEPA drag larger higher demands on the blower, the more advanced HEPA filter, the wind resistance is greater. Another problem is the maintenance cost of the user more attention, because of Beijing's air the quality of HEPA is far lower than western countries, the service life of the screen can only be maintained at about half a year, the replacement of expensive, in addition there is no domestic recovery mechanism, causing pollution to the environment.

HGIA carbon  activated carbon filter 

Dream Lab special activated carbon filter based on traditional activated carbon filtration, choose the most suitable chemical experiment contents of coconut shell activated carbon or charcoal as raw material, made of two processing and chemical activation, after soaking for different filter we use activated carbon materials and chemical immersion in different ways, to make beyond the national and international standard carbon filters. All our activated carbon has three characteristics that competitors can't reach               

1. Large capacity filter (each filter weight of 20 pounds)              2. Carbon free dust             3. We are for your exclusive custom (need extra charge)

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