Excellent Safety Performance and Distinguished Manufacturing Industry

Safety, High Performance and Intelligence’s Workstation

Full automated operation experience

Superior filtration technology

Make the experimental process easier, let you better enjoy the fun of the work and the experimental result with no cross infection.

UV light

254nm OSARM SW UV germicidal light

254nm UV Light

Sterilizing in 15 minute

No cross infection

The UV light have automatic cut off protection, during the process of the UV sterilization, if the cabinet door unexpected open during the experiment, the system will Automatic cut off the UV light, to avoid the people under the ultraviolet ray.


HEPA the air filtration system

HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filtration system

ULPA (Ultra-Low Penetration Air) filtration system

Filter anaphylactogen, germ, particles and other impurity

Class 100 or class 10


Intelligence control system

Make the experiment more safety

5 intelligence sensors

Real- time monitoring filtration technology, environmental comfort level, the circumstance of the blower, Class 100 clean and sealing performance.

Design with operator center.

Excellent operating experience and operating space make the precise Noise engineering design and Dream Lab patterned intelligence system together.

Visual, auditory experience

4.3inch LCD touch-sensitive screen

Inspissation PP pedestal make the clean process easier

Comfortable section design for the operator who experiment on the workstation for a long time, Increased arm comfort and visual appeal



Design for the most safety PCR Workstation

UV germicidal light automatic security disinfection induction

Import Germany progressive hardening Polycarbonate poly-carbonate design

High strength ABS explosion-proof filter warehouse design.

PS: Polycarbonate not just increase the product’s hardness, more important is, with the ultraviolet ray open, polycarbonate is the only way to reflect and transparent quality to achieve no leakage of UV damage.


Touch screen

DL PCR 4.3inch LCD screen can meetup to ten functions, the process of regulating or starting 15 minutes of sterilization, you just need to touch the touch screen. Digital intelligent operation interface include the air quality, time, control system and the data.

Blower switch

Manual switch blower or let the product

start the automatic control


Switch LED light

Ultraviolet light

15minutes into the Bactericidal process

Data of the product

Know the product’s total use time,

blower use time, energy consumption

Air quality

Real-time monitory indoor PM2.5 formaldehyde

content, temperature, humidity


Laboratory calculagraph, collect experimental data


Filtration life display, change the filtration


Check Dream Lab’s customer service call,

website and other product descriptions.

Specifications and parameters

Model: DL-PCR80

Clean Level: 100/10

Face velocity: 0.2-0.7m/s

(adjustable/automatic control)

Main quality: PC polycarbonate


+ PP Polypropylene+ ABS Explosion-proof plastic

Blower: A brushless, on sparking blower

Noise level: ≤58dB (A)

Illumination:One steam proof fluorescent lamp 

Ultraviolet germicidal lamp: One

Illuminance: ≤300LX

Vibration half speak value: ≤3um

Weight (kg):~110G

Filter: One HEPA/ULPA main HEPA filter+ a paper

frame with electrostatic effect filtration


Specifications and parameters

Model: DL-PCR150

Clean Level: 100/10

Face velocity: 0.2-0.7m/s

(adjustable/automatic control)

Main quality: PC polycarbonate

+ PP Polypropylene+ ABS Explosion-proof plastic

Blower: Two brushless, non-sparking blower

Noise level: ≤59dB (A)

Illumination:Two steam proof fluorescent lamp

Ultraviolet germicidal lamp: Two

Illuminance: ≤300LX

Vibration half speak value: ≤3um

Weight (kg):~130G

Filter: Two HEPA/ULPA main HEPA

filter+ two paper frame with electrostatic charged filtration


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